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Pre-Algebra (The Remix)2

The words algebra and cool have never been mentioned in the same sentence before EVER...until now.  Pre-Algebra (The Remix)2 intertwines these two concepts making it unlike any math book ever written. Students will actually want to learn math and will walk away feeling that success in mathematics is the epitome of coolness. A must have resource for all parents and educators of students whom struggle in math but can recite the lyrics to all of the latest songs. 

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    • Designed for grades 6 and up.

    • Common Core Standard:  Expressions and Equations 6.EE.A.1-6.EE.A.4 
    • Available on and


Illustrate to Calculate Ebook

Designed for Grades 5 and up

Only $6.99

Children love to draw.  Illustrate to Calculate is a fun ebook
that provides students with realistic story problems that
encourage them to draw pictures in order to figure out the answer.

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