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Kimberly Coulter, M.P.A. has created a No Excuses No Exceptions model
that has been proven to effectively close the achievement gap.  She has sucessfully implemented this model at the classroom level as a Teacher and at the bulding level as an Elementary and Middle School Principal. 

In order to schedule Kimberly Coulter to utilize her expertise to transform your classroom, school or district into one where all students learn contact: 
Coolin and Schoolin at or

100% of Coolin and Schoolin students exhibited increased academic achievement in 2014.  

Enter your name and email address below to be entered into a quarterly drawing to receive free tutoring for one marking period. 

Listen to Kimberly Coulter issue a challenge to all students, parents, teachers and administrators to close the academic achievement gap during the 2014-2015 school year.
The Coolin and Schoolin Challenge
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